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      James Reeves is the candidate for the people, he has spent over 30 years asking politicians to do their job. In 2007, James Reeves started the petition and worked tirelessly to have the wheel tax placed on the ballot. We the People came out and signed the petition and in 2008 the wheel tax in Washington County was voted down by over 70% of the people. James Reeves has a strong belief that government is in place for the people and needs to be controlled by the people. James Reeves understands taxes are a way of life but when government abuses their power by trying to enforce a new tax or increase taxes for the personal gain of politicians in office, he will speak out. In 2016, James Reeves in speaking against a proposed $0.40 tax increase for Washington County, was escorted from the courthouse fighting what he considers to truly be a slush fund for the politicians in charge of the county.

     After James Reeves was honorably discharged from United States Air Force he has spent over 30 years as an auto mechanic, managing several shops along the way, supervising many individuals and in most cases doing the accounting. Over 6 years ago he started a new business in downtown Johnson City called Reeves Alignment & Auto Care. The business has thrived and it has become one of the best-known alignment shops in the Tri-Cities area.

      James Reeves is a father of four and has been happily married to his  wife for over 13 years. He currently has two children in Boones Creek Elementary School.

    James Reeves believes in the United States Constitution and what it stands for, he realizes we are no angels, we are human and we are flawed hence the need for government. James Reeves has no so-called political agenda he has no special interest groups supporting him in this race he just believes government IS for the people.

Reeves for Mayor
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